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    What ever stage your business is at; just starting, a rookie, a veteran, or wanting to sell your business, Rodney can help!

Rodney has spent years studying, gathering, organizing and testing the way in which small businesses cost operate. His products and services have been  built to meet your businesses needs. He has created, seminars, workshops

1 on 1 Advisory Programs for small business owners, entrepreneurs and managers, who are committed to spending time on improving and growing their business. Whether your business is doing well, or not doing so well, there is always room for improvement. There is no magic  for becoming a successful business owner. It all comes down to having more tools in your tool  box, strategies and proven “principle based business fundamentals”. Many successful business owners and entrepreneurs have paved the way for us. What if you could learn from their experiences? Move yourself and your business forward with confidence, make better decisions and achieve results that are planned and mapped out. The programs are simple to understand, clear and efficient and this educational form will change all facets of your life. Don’t run from problems! Rodney will coach you to work through your problems and develop opportunities to grow – Plan, Prepare, Profit! Working on your business begins with working on yourself first. This is why Rodney’s program work. Investing in your business, helps you and your family, and your future, and creates a better financial certainty.

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