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We have spent years studying, gathering, organizing and testing the way in which small businesses operate. Success has always been a matter of individual effort but, there is a common thread that all successful business owners have, they are surrounded by brilliant support teams. Our products and services are based on the fundamentals of success. We have created our workshops and coaching for small business owners, entrepreneurs and managers who are serious and committed to spend time, working on improving their business and succeeding in moving it forward. Our aim is threefold: first to help you discover your weaknesses, second, to help you create a plan for bridging those weaknesses and third to provide strategies that you can implement to build a profitable business. All small businesses have areas that can be improved, in fact it is an ongoing process. Great Companies didn’t just become great – they planned it, each and every step along the way. Our programs are designed so that, small business owners can take inventory of their business, themselves and of their team/employees using something more than a “snap-judgment” method. One very common problem we run into with business, when team building, is the lack of good communication. Big business spends millions training their staff on delivering service, yet ninety nine people out of a hundred who purchase life insurance or an RRSP, for instance, don’t know what their policy is or where their RRSP is. What they have really purchased is GREAT customer service from someone who knows the value of cultivating customer service but lacks communication skills.

Small Business Ownership in its simplest form involves three core steps.

Awareness, Action and Attraction Becoming Aware – Observing your awareness = Be Taking Action – Making better decisions = Do Attracting New Habits – Changing current habits = Have   There is no magic bullet or pill for becoming a successful business owner, it all comes down to learning, studying and organizing business fundamentals that have been used for centuries. Many business owners and entrepreneurs have paved the way for us – it is sometimes referred to as “standing on the shoulders of giants”, or learning from successful people. So what if you could learn from their experiences? To move yourself and your business forward with confidence, making better decisions and achieving results that are planned and mapped out. It’s a process of learning that takes at least seventeen to twenty-one months of continuous repetition to develop good business habits, discipline and strategies. There are lots of hurdles and road blocks to overcome but as you become more aware and make better decisions, you can achieve much better results. Achievement and Rewards or Repeated Frustrations and Problems …. It is NOT luck it is a choice; it is learning, growing and working toward your goals. It is surrounding yourself with a brilliant team, learning and growing. Everyone wants that magic that makes all this work and that magic lies within a word ATTITUDE – this is what we expect. Having a poor attitude expecting something different can be like sitting in front of wood stove on a cold day expecting heat. You have brought in and stacked the wood – but unless you light the wood, there is NO fire to provide the heat. You need to keep yourself mentally healthy, build awareness and grow. Don’t run from goal to goal or look for greener pastures. Your mind is a rich resource, so work it. Be coachable! We provide products, services and programs, for whatever stage you and your business are in:

  • You’re just throwing around ideas and considering small business ownership
  • You’re actively looking to purchase a small business
  • You have a business and are in year 1 to 3 – rookie
  • You have been in business for 3 to 5 years –professional (intermediate)(transitional)
  • You have been in business for over 5 years – veteran
  • You are preparing to sell your business – exit

One of the difficulties with goal setting is that people tend to set too many. They don’t write them down and don’t have a clear written plan of how to achieve, monitor and track where they are. We provide a program that helps you develop a system that measures where you are now, where you are going, how you will get there, and having an exit strategy. Setting a goal is, about knowing what you want, why you want it, how you will get it, and having a deadline for accomplishing that goal. Setting goals far into the future can be difficult if you don’t monitor where you are and review on a regular basis. For small business owners we like to use the Big Picture Plan so that you know where you see yourself in the next 18, 24, 36 and 60 months. Most small business owners should develop a plan for the closure, sale or succession of their business (exit strategy) with a five year completion in mind. So what do you see your small business looking like in five years? What is the revenue? What is the profit? Who would be the perfect person or company to buy you out? What day is it? What colour is the cheque? How much is it written for? Knowing what your exit strategy is adds clarity to your business journey. Working through small business ownership is transitional….it is a cycle of learning and it can be a tough journey, some of it can be pure pleasure. Do you have clear, specific, written goals and targets? Either you do or you don’t. Where do you begin? The acid test is simple; are your decisions taking you closer to your goal or further away? There is a bit of un-learning that needs to occur, when walking through our Small Business Fundamentals such as not making emotional decisions. There should be no wishy–washy opinions for small business ownership like “I’ll try”. With our business coaching process you will become aware of where your business is heading and produce fantastic results. The alternative is to keep doing what you are doing now and keep hoping for different results. Coaching is an information and educational form that will change all facets of your life. Don’t run from problems! We coach you to work through your problems and make them opportunities to grow – Plan, Prepare, Profit! Working on your business begins with working on yourself first, that is why our programs work. Prepare and Profit – do not attempt to change everything at once, it is a process that takes time, and it is why our One on One Coaching is a 17 month commitment. It’s why the average small business owner stays with our guided learning programs and networks, much longer than that. Success in running a small business is measurable and is predictable. Reviewing your financials, on a regular basis and understanding the information is key. Our coaching is not pie in the sky, it is learning details, and trusting a system that works. Together we will look at your key drivers, looking for peaks and valleys. We teach planned decision making vs. reactionary decisions. Sensible actions allow for success, and success is a learned behavior, so learn success and practice success.

A program just right for you:

How – providing you with tactics and strategies. Who – we are experts in business fundamentals, sales and marketing. What – we provide the knowledge required to succeed. Where – online (global), live or One on One Why – they don’t know what they don’t know

Our Programs

One on One Coaching It doesn’t get more customized than this. If you are in a place where you need a resource where you can reach out to someone at any time, a resource that will tell it like it is, someone who will kick your butt when you need it, and access a world class tool box of business strategies…… you are looking for One on One Coaching. These programs take commitment. You must be prepared to have an open mind and be ready to work on YOU. That said, my clients have had remarkable success following that philosophy.

The key Components of the One on One Coaching Program are:

Alignment – becoming crystal clear on where you are, and where you want to be. From there, together we build an action plan that, while not cast in stone, will give us very clear direction on what we have to do to achieve your goals. Performance Fast Track – as a business owner, you see through your eyes only. While that provides us some insight, it’s not the whole picture. Using the world class “Flippen Profile”, we help to unlock your hidden constraints and develop a tactical plan that will give you a boost. Core Principles– you will be introduced to key principles that govern the success of every business on the planet. It is these principles that we use to guide our actions and help you problem-solve through challenges. This will be your initial education piece and will provide a solid foundation for you to grow your business. The Action Plan – once you have completed the initial alignment process, together we develop your Action Plan. This plan outlines our key strategies to help you achieve your goals. It also provides the framework of our coaching and it is our benchmark to track your progress.

Some areas of focus in the plan may include:

  • Financials
  • Use of Time
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Leadership
  • Recruiting
  • Systems Development

Coaching– our coaching sessions will be focused around 2 key areas. Your plan and your reality. Now that sounds like a paradox. Let me explain. We will always be operating from a plan, but we have to be aware that the world does not always co-operate, so we need to be ready for the curve balls. This is the reality part. Your coaching program remains flexible, to deal with issues that arise and ensures you stay in the right direction, relative to your goals.

Marketing Mastery

The marketing mastery program is designed for business owners and their teams, who want the knowledge, tools and templates to create robust marketing that gets results. The program is broken into six modules which are a combination of online, video, workbooks and templates. The modules are structured to guide you from beginning to end. It’s all you need, to develop a strong marketing presence. Supplementing our successful online component, we provide a monthly conference call. It is your opportunity to have your questions answered and to learn from others. These calls are recorded, so that you can always review by accessing the archives. Module # 1 – Your Marketing Blueprint Before you invest ANY time or money in marketing, there are certain things that you must make clear.

The video instruction and templates in this module will guide you on how to define and clarify:

  • Your uniqueness
  • Your Ideal Customer
  • The Core Offerings that are key to growth
  • Your Marketing Budget
  • Your Marketing Blueprint (this is the foundation that will guide your marketing decisions)

Module # 1 – Campaign Creation Here you will learn how to put a marketing campaign together. In order to get results from your marketing efforts, certain key components must be present in every campaign. This module guides you with detailed templates, how to get a campaign designed and written so you are ready to execute. By the end of this module you’ll be ready to DO some marketing. Module # 3, 4, & 5 – Your Top Seven Marketing Vehicles Now that you understand the foundation to your marketing and you know how to put a campaign together, you are ready to explore the seven best marketing vehicles for generating results. They are a combination of traditional and online vehicles used by business. There is a lot to learn and this will be a module series you will return to again and again. Module # 6 – Marketing Calendar and ROI Throughout the first five modules, you have been exposed to a lot of information. With so many tools it can be confusing as to how to organize it all, in a way that puts you in control. Enter “Your Marketing Calendar”. This module takes you through a methodology of planning your marketing so you always have a 6-12 month rolling plan that enables you to see what and how much you are doing. It also gives you a snap shot of your marketing budget. All this will be presented in an easy to follow one page format so you and your team will be clear and in control. Having this kind of plan enables for easy delegation.

“When you invest in this program you have it for life. You are buying it for your business, so you can have each person involved in marketing participate at any time”

Family Business For family businesses there are a few more dynamics in play. While most aspects are business as usual, taking into account the family elements is critical for smooth operation.

Here are the key areas where we help family business clients:

Alignment – getting all members on the same page. Where differences in expectations, desired outcomes and ways to approach business exists, if these are not verbalized and aligned, conflict will arise. This conflict may or may not be visible but it is there. Our alignment process looks at the needs and wants of all family members and brings them all together in a facilitated session that results in an aligned direction. Once this is achieved, the business is in a strong position to excel. It is futile to look at growth and improvement strategies if family alignment is not present. Succession – when looking at the succession path in a family business, here are the key factors to be addressed:

  • Next Generation Skill Sets
  • Team Perceptions
  • Clear Expectations on Roles
  • The Right Transition Plan

How fast and how intense should senior members step aside? There can be a big difference in the wants of the senior members, the junior members and the needs of the business. Our approach to success for family businesses are customized for each client and their unique needs.

Speaking Engagements

The Four Keys to Business Success This is a workshop about a proven methodology that allows business owners to compound profitability, free up cash flow and free up their time. The three biggest causes of stress for business owners are money, time and people. It is fantastic to want to build a legacy business that changes the world, but if you are financially challenged, short of time and have trouble finding good people, then it makes things pretty hard. While the Four Keys is no silver bullet, in this workshop, you’ll hear case studies and learn simple straight forward methods for putting you in the driver’s seat. A systematic way of building your business that serves you and your purpose. The secrets you learn are not new. In fact the alleged “new’ and “must do” strategies are often the ones that cause most business owners to become overwhelmed. The answer lies in simplicity and fundamentals. All successful businesses are built on sound principles and with clear action plans. This two hour workshop will lay out those principles and the plan for you.