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A Six-Month Marketing Mastery Program to create an unlimited marketing budget and increase your sales leads with advertising that you can track, measure and see the results. You are invited to work with Rodney Hough as he coaches a select group of business owners and managers on the strategies and tactics behind – creating sustainable marketing! The Marketing Mastery Program is a ground breaking 6 month program that allows you to understand how to track and measure the advertising you are doing RIGHT now, look at new ideas you have been considering, and learn how to sort through your marketing and decide what you should continue and what you should STOP doing! As a Business owners have you?

  • Spent hundreds in advertising hoping that it would work
  • Had a create idea and were not sure how to act on it because you didn’t know where to start
  • Wanted to advertise and track the return on your investment
  • Find out what was working and then repeat, repeat, repeat
  • Find out what was NOT working so you ca stop wasting your hard earned money
  • Wanted to grow your revenue with leads you can measure.

If you have answer – yes or absolutely, to any of the above questions ….. Then this program was created for you! Let’s say you had a chance to sit in on some sessions, ask questions about “what your biggest obstacle was with your marketing and advertising” for instance, and then learn a ton of strategies and tactics walk out of each session with tools to implement those strategies right away. In our experience, when you open yourself to learning, and ask veteran advertisers questions, 9 out of 10 will have an answer for you in the workshop.

Test Drive our Business Coaching

We are always getting inquiries from business owners that want to test drive our coaching program, and start with a snip-it or portion rather than jumping into to our full blown coaching, well, guess what? We’re making this a realty ….. right now. Here what we have for you: A six month Marketing Mastery Program with a lot of extras ….. This Marketing Mastery Program has all the meat ….. and is a screaming deal. If you are spending money, any amount of money, on advertising right now then you need this program. If you are planning on growing your business and looking to attract more leads to your business, then you need this program.   When it comes to marketing, business owners just accept what is offered, there is no doubt they need more than this and need to learn how to get to the next level. You should have 5 to 7 lead generating campaigns on the go at any given time…… I total get it if you are thinking – I don’t have time, heck I can’t keep up right know, but I do want to grow – let us help! This Marketing Mastery Program is wickedly effective and we limit the number of participants in order to get you great results. The key component is the workshop. In order to facilitate an interactive, hands on, live workshop event we have chosen to keep the number of participants limited. No stone was left un-turned in creating this program. In fact we have so much confidence in this program that we offer you a 100%, money back guarantee, if not satisfied.

Marketing is a System

This system helps remove the mystery and confusion over advertising; it will clarify what you need to do as opposed to what you hope the advertising will do. This program is principle based and lays out a clear path to benefit all types of business. Nothing comes close to this workshop – understanding the fundamentals will allow those looking for opportunities to grow, using a reasonably budget, to see advertising results faster than you ever dreamed possible. If you are spending money on advertising now, it is likely that only about 50% of it is working and that you do not know which 50% that is. Roam deep behind enemy lines and find out and evaluate what your competitors are doing or NOT doing so that you take full advantage of your market share. There are really three reasons that business owners don’t take action on advertising that works:

  1. They believe that they don’t have the time
  2. They don’t think they can afford it
  3. They have no method to measure and track the success or failure of their advertising

Are you “Shelling Out” …. more money on advertising? STOP! This program is the best on the planet and we have poured our heart into it – it works! They say that a sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…….your market share is there for you to get, DON’T wait.

Tap into our Full Support

To make sure you absorb each and every module; you will get the module in advance, with a video tutorial so that at the live workshop you are prepared with your questions. Following the live workshop a group GotoMeeting session is held to further discuss the module. Enabling you to summarize any questions and get the answers. The program is designed so that you can implement the marketing tools, and strategies learned, immediately. This program offers great value and we are humbled that we are able to help you systemize your advertising, when buying anything of value you want to be reassured that you are spending your money wisely. What are you looking for from your advertising?

  • Is it a system that once set is easy to follow?

No doubt you have heard sales people claim how effective their advertising is and how many people they reach with their advertising. What if you are paying for advertising that is reaching the wrong people! How much is that advertising costing you? – Really!!

What is in the Bread Box?

The Marketing Mastery Program is designed for business owners and their teams who want the knowledge, tools and templates to create robust marketing that gets results for the long term. The program is broken into 6 modules which are a combination of online video, workbooks and templates. The modules are structured to walk you through from beginning to end, all you need, to develop a strong marketing presence. Supplementing this is a conference call after each module that gives you the opportunity to have more questions answered and to learn from others.

Module # 1 – Your Marketing Blueprint Before you invest any time or money in marketing, there are certain things you must be clear on. The video instruction and templates in this module will walk you through how to define and clarify:

  • Your uniqueness
  • Your Ideal Customer
  • The Core Offerings that are key to your growth
  • Your Marketing Budget
  • Your Business Identity
  • Your Marketing Blueprint will be the foundation that will guide your marketing decisions moving forward

Module # 2 – Campaign Creation

Here you will learn how to put an advertising campaign together. In order to get results from your marketing efforts, certain key components must be present in every campaign. This module walks you through, with detailed templates, how to get a campaign designed and written so you are ready to execute. By the end of this module you’ll be ready for the rubber to hit the road and DO some marketing.

Module # 3, 4, & 5 – Your Top 7 Marketing Vehicles

Now that you understand the foundation to your marketing and you know how to put a campaign together, you are ready to deepen your knowledge around the best 7 marketing vehicles for generating results. They are a combination of traditional and online vehicles. There is a lot to learn here and this will be a module series you’ll return to time and again.

Module # 6 – Marketing Calendar an ROI

Throughout the first five modules, you have learned a ton. With so many tools it can become confusing as to how to organize it all in a way that puts you in control. Enter “Your Marketing Calendar”. This module walks you through a methodology of planning your marketing so that you always have a 6-12 months rolling plan that enables you to see what and how much you are doing. It also gives you a snap shot of your marketing budget. All this will be presented in a one page format, so you and your team will be clear and in control. Having this kind of plan also enables for easy delegation. When you invest in this program you have it for life. You are buying it for your business, so you can have each person involved in marketing participate at any time. Just to get you thinking about how this program, it will benefit you as soon as you get involved. It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have, you can be a complete newbie with no experience, a rookie with very little experience, or a veteran business owner who has just had it with not knowing what advertising you should do or should NOT be doing …… it doesn’t matter where you are in business or what business you are in, what we have built is a program that works. We have years of experience and have been teaching other for 20 years….. And have classified, organized and systemize the best learning steps required to get results.

Realize Savings

The more leads, the more clients, the more revenue …. The more profits you can create. But having enough leads coming in can be your downfall – so unless you know everything you need to know about creating an unlimited advertising budget. This is what we are will reveal …… marketing is vitally important to your business, but is often misunderstood, the strategies that can help you make massive strides I your marketing and in your results in a matter of months. How you may be asking? This 6 month program is NOT pie in the sky ideas. 100% of the program focus will be implementation, and achieving sustainable RESULTS! You will be transformed into a confident, knowledgeable business owner and marketing from then on will be about tracking, measuring and looking at results. You will be able to engineer advertising campaigns that work and STOP with the ones that do-not! Features:   Benefits: 50% of advertising right now may not be working, which is huge! This program will not only save you money, but when you learn about tracking lead conversions and the return on money spent, you can then create an unlimited marketing budget. Making you more efficient and creating campaigns that work, is standard. Marketing is not supposed to be exciting for you, butt is about creating a call to action for your prospects and clients, so that they do something

Super Versatility – There are many advertising vehicles out there and not all match all businesses. Regardless of the advertising vehicle the fundamentals within marketing DO-NOT change.