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Speaking Engagements

Engaging Presentations that CHANGE THE WAY YOU VIEW YOUR BUSINESS…

Rodney Hough is a leader in helping business owners, their managers and teams take control and build great businesses.

Rodney’s Powerful Presentations will provide tools, tactics and strategies that your guests or group will be able to implement right away.

Here’s what your people (or guests) will learn:

  • They will receive 4 to 5 nuggets they can implement right away in their business
  • They will learn tactics and strategies on how to grow their business and profit

Presentation #1

The FOUR Keys to Growing YOUR Business… with Ease! Avoid making the 3 massive mistakes that even smart business owners make, that keeps them frustrated with inconsistent growth

Invest just two hours and learn:

  • How to create an unlimited marketing budget.
  • The 6 points to super profits that will give you choices on how to run your business….and your life.
  • How to find and hire the RIGHT people for your business and create your Dream Team!

Are you a business owner that knows you should be making more money from your business?

Are you frustrated with the lack of profit or stressed about bad cash flow? Maybe you are working crazy long hours or feel that if you are not there, the business is not going to run well and begin to fall apart. Maybe you haven’t had a holiday for a while. Look, if any of this resonates with you join me, Rodney Hough, for a “4 Keys to Your Business Success” presentation/work shop. I am going to run through the methodologies, strategies and framework that I use in my coaching, and I will go through what I do, and how I help businesses increase their profits. You will learn what the numbers are that you need to know, without being an accountant. How to drive sales and marketing in order to maximize profits; and that it’s not just about more customers.

How do you, once you have profit, make sure that you have great cash flow, what are the numbers you need to look at?

What are the tools or levers that you need, to make sure you can translate that profit into money in the bank. I have learned that you can be profitable, but if there’s not money in the bank, and you don’t have cash to pay your bills and meet payroll, that can be stressful! So we will look at tools and methodologies for you to put in place, to eliminate that stress.

How do you create a Rock Star Team?

I am going to show you systems, methodologies and frameworks I use with my coaching clients, to create a team that’s not just there every day to do their job, but a fully engaged team, giving it their all, to help drive the business forward. When you have a team that does that, and it’s been done the proper way, guess what happens? Now you are in a position where you can create some control over your time. I’m not suggesting you go to the beach and put your feet up, or maybe you will for a while, no I’m talking about being in a position where you are in control of where your business is going, and your time is not driven by the demands of the business. Look if any of this is of interest to you, join me for a two hour seminar and I guarantee that you will walk away from that seminar, with strategies that can be implemented immediately to increase profitability, change cash flow and free up your time. I look forward to seeing you there.

Presentation # 2

Internet Marketingthat creates RESULTS with NO huge marketing budget required. Focusing on the nuts and bolts that you can apply, to gain traction and create fantastic marketing that will translate into more leads for your business.

Here is a 3 step approach to online marketing that will:

  • Drive more visitors to YOUR website – Be Found
  • Drive more leads to your business – Be Noticed
  • Drive more Sales – create a website that is a 24/7 Sales Rep, which never ever calls in sick…. Be Profitable

To understand the power of online marketing all you have to do is look around you. Everyone is on their device; smart phone, tablet or computer. When they wake up, commuting to work, at work, commuting home, while they are shopping, while they are unwinding. It is NOT just having a website – but the right website. Instead of spending your time thinking about how your business SHOULD be busier, it’s time to start MAKING your business busier. You can NOT sit back and wait for people to stumble across your business on the web, you have to create a website that screams, “ we are here, we are everything you are looking for!!! “ You don’t need to be a webmaster …. You are a business owner. But, you do need to be aware of necessary strategies, to get the desired results from your internet marketing. Having this knowledge provides you with tools to make your presence known and bring in more leads. We build your awareness first, and introduce you to the process, and then, you can hire a webmaster, using this new found knowledge, so that you can track, measure and see the results. STOP doing what used to work and NO longer does, and start marketing where your prospects (potential clients) existing clients and your past clients are searching, on their smartphones, tablets and computers, seeking answers and help! Opportunities are plentiful; now learn how to tap into them. You may NOT be selling products online BUT you still need to be present, because your prospects, clients and past clients are searching online in ever increasing numbers, looking for products and service information, prior to making a purchase or visiting YOUR business.


  • The value of listing your business on Google My Business
  •  About Google Places rankings and how to improve yours
  • How to use FREE online directories to improve online visibility
  • How to drive customer engagement online
  • About the importance of positive customer reviews
  • How to deal with poor reviews
  •  How to turn an online lead into a sale

Presentation # 3

FIX YOUR FOLLOW UP Failure – Let your website automate follow-up. Do you want to grow YOUR business, Quickly, Profitably, without adding staff?

How are you going to make this happen?

  • Market to generate leads?
  • Nurture prospects until they are ready to buy?
  • Follow up with interested prospects?
  • Get repeat sales from existing clients?
  • Automate the entire process?

So why don’t businesses follow up? They forget, they are too busy, they focus on the LEADS only and the unconverted leads just fall to the way side….. You think the prospect will call you back if they are really interested, you don’t want to be pushy, WELL!… if you have any of these reasons – YOU don’t realize the potential impact, follow-up can have on your business! IF YOU ARE MARKETING and don’t have a lead capture process in place, you are wasting your hard earned money. This matters because consumers purchasing habits are changing. Most consumers these days will research prospective purchases online before buying offline. When those prospects are ready to buy, you want your business to be top of mind. If you are NOT learning how to follow-up, you are delivering the sale to your competitor. – Learn the 5 Common Follow-up Mistakes – Learn how many touch points it actual takes to close a sale – Learn why most businesses DO NOT follow-up Traditional type marketing can NOT compete with internet marketing automation ….. It is TIME to STOP letting prospects and good leads slip through your fingers. Learn what follow-up is; how the most effective follow-up is done and the sequence required. So, if you are interest in a presentation that will provide the nuggets to – capture more leads, get repeat sales from clients and grow your business without growing your staff… We can help!